I have been quiet again in this space. Don’t get me wrong , nothing has changed, I still write blog posts in my head…ALL THE TIME! I just haven’t been able to ….or wanted to pen them I guess.

I used to LOVE this space, and I don’t NOT love it anymore….. It was my space to just rip. I loved meeting new people that started reading my blog and then I don’t really know what changed. Yes, i got super busy and my life is a permanent chaos and my priorities have needed to be different but I’ve also been thinking about this space a lot.

Then I read a post on one of the blogs I read and she was talking about how her business has become such that she doesn’t want to “air her dirty laundry” on her blog or cant really.  And it really struck a core with me.

I have really questioned a lot of things

  • Who on earth would really want to read this blog?
  • Why am I actually writing and who am I writing to?

And then there is the little village I live in. It’s small and I now run a business in this town and i’m just not sure what i want from a personal life on this page. Ironic considering the hours I spend in my work on social media!

Argggghhh! So its really frustrating and so for now I’ve just decided to start writing again and figuring it out as we go.

*cue song* guess whose back, back again…….. hopefully this time with a little bit more continuity.