Today was a good day…. It was started however with a ‘I hate my life’ as I placed my feet on the floor trying to steady myself from my slumber at 4:40am to the tune of ‘momeee’ but it was a good day nevertheless. 

It’s funny tho, my day was categorised as good from the start based on stupid numbers. The scale looked good when I stood on it and the numbers finally showed a decrease in size to the days before that crazy curly haired thug we called Kieks grew in my tummy. Then the tape measure also produced good result finally! 

Sad though the my day was named ‘Good’ based on crap like that. But yah it was a precursor. 

My day was also good because I got to finally finish a project that’s taken ages to complete and the end result is a gorgeous website. It’s was good because I got to fetch my beautiful kids from school, a dream I could only imagine when I was a full time working mom. It was good because I also won over a really tough critic today and got a sort of thumbs up. I’m still working on him. It was good because I walked out of the office at 3:30pm because I’m the boss and I could! And it was good because I caught up with an old friend and reconnected.
So yes, today started out good because of some numbers but it became really good because of so much more! 

Happy Friday everyone. Make your weekend good. I’m sure going to.