It’s been some time since I last wrote. There’s been lots of activity and serious ‘water under the bridge’ 

I’m currently lying in a bath. This is something I NEVER DO! Im not a bather, my life doesn’t allow for anything more than a 60 sec, cover the essential hygiene bits, shower. I’m however escaping my family for just a bit. To unwind and try regroup… it’s not working as I can hear my two kids bicker and argue with their dad, but hey at least I don’t have to deal with it. 

I’m running on fumes…. no wait I don’t think there’s a term for the vapours that explain my life right now. I also don’t have anyone that really gets me and so my irrational and grumpy response to the ever suffocating needs and demands of my two children is met with blanks stares, rolls of eyes or reprimands. 

On  a more positive note in an attempt to try and gain some control of my situation I’ve done what every A type does. I’ve gone in a diet, lost 6kgs. Knocked the crap out of my death by to do list, gone on a great journey of self discovery in the form of body talk sessions and trying to get on top of my stress. I am feeling a lot better. It’s hard tho as marriages and friends are falling apart around me and I have been largely the sounding board on both fronts. 

But I’ll get there. It’s just been a rough few months, So my silence hasn’t been because I haven’t had much to say but rather not sure what I wanted to share. 

This too shall pass and I’m led to believe it does by the time you’re in your 40’s!