A work colleague today gave me her blackberry and said: ‘read this’

And there was a post from the Dad , finally after two years speaking out why he had left the mom and was divorcing her. This was sparked by a very personal post she had posted on FB lambasting the oke , following which friends of hers commented on what a terrible person he was.

This is not about me passing further judgement on who is right or wrong but it got me thinking….

Here was this guy who has remained silent while the girl has publically lambasted him and given her side of the story two years and finally he is giving his story and it is a very different picture to what was painted by her.

And it’s tough! Because in between it all there is a little girl , their daughter, who no matter how hard they try is stuck in the middle. And now it’s their friends who were all cc’d on this mail getting a very different view on the divorce, which is really between them and now they’re in the middle too.

It scares me how it was all goes so wrong and how you can go from that wedding day to that. It’s sad too and I feel for both of them so, even though I don’t know them.

I can only but pray that Rich and I NEVER end up there.. But it’s also a gentle reminder to keep working on Rich and I and making that time for us. The first year of your marriage is tough but the first baby year is like running comrades….TWICE  and it requires special effort to keep that spark and love alive.

It do believe and have always said this, you gotta keep talking….even if it’s at an elevated decibel 🙂 and that’s something that Rich and I have always done and I think that’s what keep us together…that and the fact that I happen to still be super crazy about him 🙂