2018 will be marked in my memory as an incredible year.

Foremost a year of incredible loss as we said goodbye to my amazing dad. After four years of suffering, our dear Lord said it was time, and took him home. And whilst I know he’s in such an amazing place I find myself most days having to catch my breathe as the pain of losing him grips my heart and gives it a squeeze, reminding me of how much I loved him and how much I still miss him.

That being said the loss has led to incredible gain in my relationship with my mom, becoming even closer to her, and seeing the beauty you can have in calling your mom your friend

It’s been a year of incredible journeys with Rich and I having the privilege of traveling to Kenya to see my precious friend Daudie and her fiancé Doug get married and also the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful parts of the the country in Tsavo.

It’s been a year of incredible change as Richard left formal employment to start his own business and we’ve gained more than we can express in him being home before dark and being able to spend time with our precious kids. Something you truly cannot put a price tag on.

I’ve personally seen incredible growth in my business which I’m so blessed to mine. Marketing Works is now 3.5 years old and this year has seen my largest growth and some huge changes made which have truly given me not only the quality of life I wanted but also precious time with my two special little people.

This year has been a year of incredible Joy as I’ve watched my little ginger grow in epic proportions. Gr1 is a huge year and it has been such a wonder watching him learn to read and do math, Afrikaans and even Zulu. The human brain is a marvel and the most incredible wonder!! My little girl has also amazed me with her incredible independence, unbelievable maturity beyond her years and her amazing caring nature and sensitivity to those in need.

It’s been an incredible year of travel adventures and we’ve really taken to the camping thing with trips to the Drakensberg, the Midlands, the bush at Bonamanzi, Ifafa beach and Macnicols and will end off with an amazing trip to the heart of the Drakensberg for New Years with 25 people from our church.

It’s been an incredible year of friendship of meeting new friends and time spent getting to know them.

Lastly it been an incredible year of growth for me personally. It’s been one of reflection of what I want from life and making changes to my lifestyle and life that fit that. It’s been one of finally calling bullshit on all the excuses I had been making, getting fit, reading more glorious books, ticking of the to do list that I’d been drowning in for years, striving for the things I wanted and taking care of myself and maybe selfishly putting myself first for the change.

From this year I’ve gained more peace, more calm more resolve in what I want from life. I now desire a move from all things negative and things that pull you into darkness and places where you’re not good enough and a move to wholesome stuff that lifts you up. Sounds super feng shui doesn’t it 😁

So whilst I see the incredible loss not only in the death of my dad and also a sadness in the changes in circumstances and parts of my life I thought would always be the same, I more-so see incredible gains for 2018 and look forward to an even better and more amazing 2019.

I wish you and your families a blessed time over this festive period. Love the Abdo’s