It hasnt been all bad. In fact there have been some serious amazing moments since the Ginger turned one.

He seems to have turned on the taps in the learning deparment and in the past months has developed so.

He is building an amazing vocab which is suprising the gunk we pulled out of his right ear.

He nows says:

  • Dahdee (Daddy)
  • Monnie (Mommy – which is a mixture of Ronnie *lady from creche* and Mommy)
  • Ronnie (I must tell you Ronnie came before Mommy – I guess its par for the course)
  • Dodgy (Doggie)
  • Kitty
  • Dah (For Hadedah’s)
  • Deh (There)
  • Whatsis (Whats this)

And of course the most amazing moment when I arrived to pick him up at creche and he walked to me *Cue Tears* ….I’m such a crier!!

But really there is something new everyday and you can have a real conversation with him and you can see he totally understands you.

I always likened Motherhood to the greatest frikking rollercoaster ride of your life. Because the highs and lows (aka sleep deprivation and worrying)  are just so extreme. And I try to take it all in , capture as many videos and photographs as I can, because it just goes by so fast!