It’s ironic the title of this post really as i’m scrambling to get something down before I rush off for bath, feeding bedtime.

Things have finally slowed down a little work wise (cue panic!) Ironic isn’t it? It FINALLY slows down and I panic that I haven’t got enough work….when I really do……trust me I do! But I think I’ve come to terms with the reality that I will worry for the foreseeable future over this business…..

Slowing down has meant that I am getting to spend a few more moments with my little people and also take some time to get to the gym and try and get some exercise. The result is i’m more sane! It’s why I run.

I’m still really battling with my weight. Have spend the whole year trying to lose weight but sadly the combination of my body not being ‘well’ and the stress of the year has meant that I will have to work a little harder for a bit more before I see any benefits. Sucks…. it is what it is tho.

Back to slowing down. I have been really convicted over the past few weeks to take stock and slow down. This has meant putting my phone down when I get home and really being present when I am home with my little people. I still dismally fail with my my shortness with the kids as they swarm me from the moment I get home. I literally don’t get to brush my teeth or use the loo without one of them near me. I haven’t showered for 6 month without a little face pressed against the glass or a ‘mommy – mommy – mommy’ for something. So whilst i’m totally suffocated by the kids I am still acutely aware how fast they are growing up and how we need to stop, breathe it in and just slow down.

Its been a long year and i’m tired… so tired.

Daddy Abs and I are going away this weekend for two nights with friends from church. I’m beyond excited. The last time we went away together for two nights was….NEVER! We’ve been away the odd night but TWO WHOLE NIGHTS. Can I get a frikking whoooop whoooop!

Ok I’ve slowed down to write this but back into first gear…. But its worth it…..Here’s who i’m getting into 1st gear for. Have a great evening. x

IMG_6004 IMG_6024