Photo credit: instagram @jl_swart

So I did my first trail race today. It was a beautiful 9km trail run in the Karkloof nature reserve, but that’s pretty much where it is ended. I stitched in my chest and under my collar bone the WHOLE way so I had a LONG 9km to feel really sorry for myself 😉 
As a result I had a lot of time to think about things and I’ve nailed the two things I hate about running races. 

1. The pitter patter. 

If you’re gonna overtake me then do it dude!! Seriously but you breathing forcefully within earshot of me is not cool. Plus the wobble factor of my ass does not make me feel secure you being behind me! 

2. To little to late:

There is nothing worse than trying to catch someone. I was 100m behind my sis the whole route. Even if you’re not trying to catch someone and totally don’t have a single competitive bone in your body, it is just human nature to try catch up and as a result you push so much harder than you should and end up really sucking in the enjoyment of why you run, well that’s me at least. 

Don’t get me wrong I actually really dug today’s run even tho I didn’t feel so hot. I just had to dig deep, hence it’s 8:05pm and I’m posting and sleeping.

Given myself a good Sunday night pep talk too as well. Lots to do this week at work and I have to get on top of my game in all aspects. Sleep,spiritual, family…. have a fab week everyone xxxx