Tomorrow is a big day for my Business. In the past two weeks Marketing Works has exploded and I’m having to put my REALLY big girl panties on and dig real deep.I have big decisions to make and support structure to put in place.

I’m super excited and am in absolute awe of how God has blessed me these past 3 years but at the same time it has highlighted for me how lonely entrepreneurship can be. I have no one to bounce ideas off and run things by and so it’s been a really crazy two weeks.Its left me feeling really alone and some real self doubt has crept in with a huge side order of second guessing my choices. Plus throw in my dad being admitted to hospital and me trying to support my husband resigning and being stupid busy at work and working long hours, oh sorry and let’s not forget my two little people and school.

So yah life is crazy. I’m sucking at keeping my head above water, but tomorrow I will hopefully have some sort of indication of the next steps and I can put a plan of action in place. I do action plans well,I don’t really dig going with the flow.

Wish me luck!!