20 wks half way

20 weeks

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23 weeks


28 weeks (682x1024)

28 weeks

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32 weeks


Oh my!!!  I only realised now as I pasted the text into the browser that this update i WELL overdue. I posted when I was 17 weeks and i’m 34 now….. Whahah, well life it filled with good intentions 🙂

It’s been a hard pregnancy (this is relative, bearing in mind with the Ginger I breezed it) But it’s been hard for different reasons. I have really battled physically this time round.

You don’t get to put your feet up like you do when there are aren’t other kids around which would be a great help but I’ve also had a helluva few months at work. I actually saw this post on FB by a mate and I just had to steal it because it is such an apt indication of what it’s been like :


But yah seriously its been a rough few months and I’ll be very glad when my maternity leave starts, which is mere weeks away now.

I’m 34 weeks can you believe it and its really starting to dawn on me and soon I won’t have my belly. Soon I won’t be able to feel the Ablet kick. I know I’ve battled this time round but I’ve loved being pregnant. Even though I have constant back ache and headaches I’m still very mindful of the fact that I’m so frikkin blessed to be able to carry this child and no one can take that away from me!!!

There are so many people that don’t get to carry a child, which I can only imagine must be devastating!!!! But I got to do it twice and for that I’m very greatful.

So as they say in Afrikaans ….”Min Dae” (few days) left and even in my sleepless uncomfortable state I thank God every day for this baby growing in my belly and also trying to enjoy the last few time I do this, before the “shop closes”