Me spinning in circles

I REALLY should be working…..I really should…….There is just so much going on at the moment that I’m feeling a little lost. I’m not in a really good space but also not in any position to change it…… It’s a whole host of things but most of it stems from my...

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Working for myself

If my siblings could see me now they would laugh. I have pretty much cruised my entire working career and always been very lucky in that I work very smart and not generally hard. I have always put systems in place that allow me to work smart and therefore get a lot...

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The Kids

I’m not really sure where to begin. It’s been one helluva year as far as they’re concerned. Two is just more hectic than one. Although the helluva hectic part is not really the Kat’s fault, but more largely due to her brother. To say that we are going through hell on...

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The Tonsillectomy

The procedure was performed at the KZN day clinic in Umhlanga. What a beautiful facility and the nursing staff were incredible. Dr Desmarais was his usual amazing self with the ginger and his anesthetist was equally as good. The wait was a long one as they...

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Goodbye Tonsillitis 

Tomorrow the ginger is having a tonsillectomy and I'm absolutely petrified.... And not for the reasons one would normally be scared.... I'm scared and fearful for those reasons too as no mother willingly puts her child under and is ok with it. But I'm scared of my...

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Ginger turns 4

So on Thursday the ginger turned 4. And I know everyone says this: but I still distinctly remember the split second silence, followed by his piercing cry as he was born, like it was yesterday, so I can't believe my baby is 4!!! I don't know who was more excited him or...

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