This too shall pass

It's been some time since I last wrote. There's been lots of activity and serious 'water under the bridge'  I'm currently lying in a bath. This is something I NEVER DO! Im not a bather, my life doesn't allow for anything more than a 60 sec, cover the essential...

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Running pet peeves

So I did my first trail race today. It was a beautiful 9km trail run in the Karkloof nature reserve, but that's pretty much where it is ended. I stitched in my chest and under my collar bone the WHOLE way so I had a LONG 9km to feel really sorry for myself 😉  As...

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Today was good 

Today was a good day.... It was started however with a 'I hate my life' as I placed my feet on the floor trying to steady myself from my slumber at 4:40am to the tune of 'momeee' but it was a good day nevertheless.  It's funny tho, my day was categorised as good...

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Human Failure of Epic Proportions

Today I sucked! I totally and utterly sucked as a mother.... a person. I yelled, screamed like a banshee, smacked, yelled some more. I love this pic because It does not depict my day one bit!! It was the calm before the storm, the two seconds of peace where my two...

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Why I write

I have been quiet again in this space. Don't get me wrong , nothing has changed, I still write blog posts in my head...ALL THE TIME! I just haven't been able to ....or wanted to pen them I guess. I used to LOVE this space, and I don't NOT love it anymore..... It was...

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Slowing Down

It's ironic the title of this post really as i'm scrambling to get something down before I rush off for bath, feeding bedtime. Things have finally slowed down a little work wise (cue panic!) Ironic isn't it? It FINALLY slows down and I panic that I haven't got enough...

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Dust off and begin again

It's been a shitty shitty bang bang two weeks. I wanna cry but I'm actually too emotionally stuffed to do so! So I hired a new lady at work and she just didn't work out. In fact I ended up paying the hugest school fees to date and today I ended it. Nevermind the...

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