I miss you I really do…. I So miss being able to have the time to write…..
I still write to you in my head while I run and yet I never seem to find the time to actually pen down the thoughts I have….

My life at the moment is one paved with good intentions, yet they never seem to come to pass

Not much has changed…. I’m still chasing my tail. Trying to manage a full time thriving business, a house, a gardener, nanny, two kids and a dog….. that’s before I’ve even begun to give a thought to me. 

I’m still battling my weight on a daily basis, battling the fact that I drink to much coffee, not enough water, that I don’t eat well, and some days after packing everyone else’s lunch don’t get to pack mine, let alone even the thought of exercise…..yadah Yadah yadah…. 
I’m so tired of singing the same story thats why I guess I don’t write so often….. but juggling these all these balls on my own is quite the balancing act…. 
So it’s not that I don’t think of writing it just that I’m not sure how to fit it into the day.