My day started pretty average. I was intending on getting good work done while Granny and Grandpa looked after the kids. 

My day progressed to self inflicted mayhem when I ended up getting a cubic metre of soil dumped in the middle of my complex road (that’s 74 wheel barrow loads) that I had to move to the bank by spade before getting the complex management all over me!! 

Then my day  collapsed after picking up 7m2 of grass sods for said soil and bank and calling my mom about stupid wire to secure said grass into the side of the bank and she responded with Dad had another seizure….. 

Delete entire previous paragraph as it all of a sudden became SO NOT about the stupid grass!! 

Perspective funny thing that!!! 

My dad had another seizure which I’m led to believe from research is normal following a stroke. What followed tho was a series of epileptic fits or more like a continuous fit for 3.5 hours!! 

What ensued was whatsapp groups being setup, Dr’s called and lots of prayer. I mostly prayed for peace and guidance that we would know the right thing to do and the most incredible thing happened shortly after a Nursing friend administered drugs she prayed over him and his seizure stopped!

What remains from this other than swollen eyelids from the tears and a headache bigger than Hiroshima is a huge sense of perspective and faith love and hope. 

Faith, that everything is in Gods hands

Love – the people that rally around one at a time like this is astounding and the community we live in is incredible. 

Hope- that everything is going to be alright in the end. 

But most of all Love – I hugged my little peole tighter tonight, I was a little more patient with my husband and most of all I told my dad how much I loved him today, even tho he knew it. I kissed him, held him in my arms and told him that he meant the world to me and that he was my hero! 

So treasure the perspective that tough times give you. Be grateful for everything and cut the drama because your mundane ‘grass’ is not your whole world. I know it’s all relative but put it in perspective,take a deep breath and most of all take it on with Love!!