Today I sucked! I totally and utterly sucked as a mother…. a person. I yelled, screamed like a banshee, smacked, yelled some more.
I love this pic because It does not depict my day one bit!! It was the calm before the storm, the two seconds of peace where my two weren’t ripping each other to pieces! 
Besides the sibling violence there is the screaming and the biting dog. The puppy that is teething. Teething on anything in his path, including my children! So there’s lots of screaming, or should I say more Screeching. In a really high pitched tone!

And there’s the totally utter LACK OF routine and boundaries and EARS in our house (courtesy of a very long School holiday) which leads to said banshee screaming.
My mother says put them in their rooms, I heard tonight of a money jar where you lose money for bad behaviour. I personally would like to board a plane to Mauritius for 6 weeks. *Cue Runaway by the Corrs*
And then there is suffocation by two small people…. my kids need my input 24/7. I get watched in the shower , the loo and I get a blow by blow of every event and for a couple of months I’ve felt like I’m drowning in my children. And no one really gets it… Oh then you can add a truck load of guilt on top of all of this for not being able to deal with this and control my kids and for even feeling like this.
Like I said it’s been an epic fail of a day on so many levels…. excuse me while I pour myself a glass of wine.