So I got retrenched two weeks ago!!
Yip you read correctly. Redundant, outta there, whatever you wanna call it.

It seems my company sees no value for marketing and basically everything it did in the past two years was not considered valued.

It’s been a big shock and has of course come with lots of financial stress and self loathing but on the whole plunged me into a world where I have felt nothing but a sense of relief and also excitement (mixed with nauseating fear).

I have been very heart sore since going back to work about how quickly my babies are growing up and how I won’t be able to be a mom first and foremost whilst working for someone else. So whilst I had always thought I would do my own thing it’s was a plan for when Daniel goes to high school. So yah that’s been somewhat expedited.

I have this month to get my logo designed, website up and ready to start getting clients for my new marketing consultancy.
Watch this space, July is set to be an interesting one!!

And say a little prayer for me too, it’s a scary thing, now that I have a family to look after too. But I stand firm that the big man has his hand in this and will keep me and my dearest in the palm of his hand.