That title was not written by my 6 year old but by me. It’s flipping crazy how hectic Gr1 is. We’re week 2 only and we started the week all sick!!

This past week Dan was doing his homework and rubbing his head and he looked up at me and said: ‘Mom I’m so tired’ The ginger actually uttered those words!!!!

But I’m so proud of my little guy tho. Today he read a full sentence: ‘Look I am Sam’ the kids is flipping reading!!!

It’s so incredible the human brain and that we have the most amazing God that formed our amazing minds that have the ability to lap up words like a sieve!!

But it’s hectic and I’m frazzled and I’m trying so desperately not to get overwhelmed as I was with everything last year. But I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get thru each day when I wake up. My tank is so empty.

This full time mom, full time person who runs a business is not for sissies and two kids at school each with their own activities and different closing times…. shoeh! That’s all I better say. But flip it’s only February and already I’m starting to crack….