Girls night out! Man Alive I was so excited.

So my mom, my sis and I headed out to see the show. We arrived at the Venue to find they only offered toasted sandwich so we headed across the road to grab a quick bite to eat at an Italian restaurant.

We asked what they could do quickly and all settled for Dorado fish and salad. It was divine! Look I’m no seasoned fish eater. My mom said it was old but I thought it was great.

Paid the bill and headed to the show.

About half an hour later. I started to battled to breathe and I thought to myself wow I don’t feel too great. Then my body started to itch and I was HOT! I leaned over and said to my mom: “I think I’m having an allergic reaction?!? At half time we went outside and I still said to my sis “ Let’s just stay for the second half I’m sure I’ll be fine” She took one look at me and said: “No we’re getting out of here” “ I’d feel a lot more comfortable if we got closer to home if you need a hospital” I only realised into the car and saw my swollen bloodshot eyes that something hectic was up!


She dropped me off an I took Deselex but an hour later I was still battling to breathe and quite frankly getting a little freaked out!! So I agreed with Daddy Abs(much to his protesting ) I would drive myself to the hospital. I didtn want to wake the Ginger plus all he’d want would be me and that stage I was in no state to be looking after a little person!

So I headed to Netcare Alberlito Hospital and got checked into A&E. The nurses were incredible! The Dr …..not so much and whats worse is I owe him R470 for NO EVEN FRIKKING TOUCHING ME! He walked in, approved the drugs the nurses proposed and went back to his blaring TV to watch his program! I’m pissed about it but to be quite honest I don’t have the energy to fight it!! So I’ll pay the b@stard but I sure as hell wont be singing his praises. Ballito is a small place and he wont be getting business from my network!!

Moving on……

So eventually I got the drugs….the itching stopped and I headed home in the early hours of the morning. The following day I felt like I’d been run over by a bus and battled to breathe but been fine since then….

So how’s that for my first night out in ages…..Think I might be laying low for a few days 🙂