I’m soooooo bored of my usual salads and also snacking thru the day is really hard for me….

Whilst on holiday I tasted this amazing dip so I attempted to ‘clone’ it and I’m super stoked with the result. Now it’s a big stretch for me as I really never ever cook with brinjal and forgive me but find it a really pointless vegetable even if it is filled with vitamin C.

So here goes the Brinal dip, it’s delish!!

1 large brinjal

1 large red pepper

1 t garlic

1 red chilli, chopped really fine (the size of your index finger)

25ml coconut oil

50ml brown grape vinegar

Chop the brinjal and red pepper, and add the garlic to a Pyrex dish.

Cook in micro for 10min

Using a knife and fork cut it up a little more and mush a little with a fork

Add the coconut oil and vinegar

Once it’s cooled down pop in a the fridge

Amazing on pretty much anything: Cracker bread, salticrax and rice cakes

*note: the original called for a vegetable oil but I used coconut oil. It does obviously get hard in the fridge but this can be mitigated by taking out three fridge an hour before.