Sheweeeee I even battled with the title of the post because really where does one start after not writing for 8 months!?!?

You know how the more you don’t get to something the more it snowballs and then eventually you’re not sure how to tackle it? It a bit like this blog post. After 2 months I stopped writing titles of my next posts in my head. At 4 months I chucked the thought of separate posts and then at 8 months I figured there’s no time like the present!

So here goes……

Life in the fast lane, that’s what it’s been. Well actually it’s been more like life in a tornado. I permanently feel like I have to grab onto a lamppost or I’m going to get swept away.

Like I said I’m fumbling through this one not sure how to tackle it so I think the easiest is to go by months.

January saw us taking a trip down the  South Coast with friends to the Wild Coast. The kids had an absolute blast. Mine were completely shattered from two really late nights, but it was a good weekend and we’ll definitely go back.

Wild coast

It was off the back of that trip that we convinced my mom to take my dad away for the weekend. We booked a lovely spot down the south coast about 30min from home. We arrived to a tall block of apartments with no sea view and mom and I immediately tried to find alternative accommodation. After a glass of wine we decided to suck it up and push thru. And so did Kieks as she pulled an all nighter with her starting the cutting of 6 teeth that weekend. She eventually passed out at 4am and when her brother woke us at 5am, we decided it was for the birds and came home! We look back on it now and laugh as disastrous doesn’t even come close to describing the 24hrs. But it wasn’t all bad. It was the first trip my folks had taken since my dad’s stroke and we will definitely do it again and planning something in October.

March was Easter and we headed off to the Drakensberg with friends. Traveling with two is interesting and Daniel and his two friends kept us on our feet. It’s a beautiful part of the country and we’ll definitely go back as a family in the summer when work calms down.  (Whahahah when work calms down!! Funny how I’m still optimistic)

April saw two business trips. One to do a reckie for a client. My friend Kerry and I went. It was a really fun trip  and there were lots of laughs along the way, and just nice to get away even if it was for just one night.

Two weeks later I headed up to JHB for the second business trip. Then the girls Mel and Ker join me for our annual girls weekend.


We partied hard, danced, ate lots of cheese and drank lots of champagne. We stayed in our first Airbnb which was interesting. And as much as we had fun we sat at the airport on the Sunday and realised,  mother we are getting old!

It was nice to go back but I did realised that I don’t miss JHB at all, I do miss the people though and it was really awesome to see my old neighbour Shan and also Jen and Candice.


Since getting back  in Jan its been crazy busy at work. It hard to believe that I am only a year down this road of owning my own business. It feels like yesterday that I sat with my life turned topsy turvy and said: why not open my own consultancy.

It’s been a huge learning curve. I’ve paid some school fees but most of all I’ve grown in self esteem. I didn’t realise the knock id taken over the past few years and so whilst it was a rough start I’ve learned to really trust myself again and the work I put out. I truly do back my own horse again.

My business has grown exponentially, to the point that I have had to hire someone. So i interviewed people, and was totally terrified by the whole prospect! Definitely not grown up enough for this but knew it is was the very natural and essential move for me if Marketing Works is going to grow, as I no longer can be everything to everyone. My lady started this week and whilst it will take some time for her to get up to speed I already know this was the right move.

I continued to pray everyday and hand it over to the big man for guidance and wisdom and just as I read those words on day one in my new life, they still remain true.


I continue to not have my shizznizz together. I permanently feel like I’m dropping the ball and not a day goes by that I feel I fail my kids and my husband. So yah not much has changed, if anything it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten busier at work.

I am however led to believe that I am not alone and so continue to plod on and trying to do the best I can. I am also getting really good at letting a lot of things go. Case in point is the outside light that has needed changing for a year. The mural on our wall that has been meaning to go up for 6 months. Or my roadworthy certificate that took 3 weeks to do. They still bug the hell out of me but I’ve gotten better at leaving them on the never ending to do list


The kids:

Daniel is almost 5 and with that comes some serious attitude. He is still my little boy though and can melt me pretty quickly. He talks NONSTOP and I mean it. From the moment his eyes open till the moment he goes to bed he is asking me questions. He loves school and is really happy in his new class. Being split from his best friends was a good thing. He is still a penguin tho and mated for life when he met Lills and waits for her every day at break time.  I do worry that he doesn’t have any other close friends but he seems happy so that’s all that matters.



Kieks. She’s the sweetest little thing. Those browns know how to set on the charm and she gets away with absolute murder. It’s frightening  how our dna is programmed. She is obsessed with shoes and has a very strong sense of what she wants to wear. Coming from a mother who only has one handbag, she sure as hell didn’t get it from me!!


She took her sweet time walking and officially only walked at like 15 months after walking at 13 months and then refusing point blank to walk unless she was holding a hand. As a result though when she finally let go she was stable as ever and didn’t fall all over the place. She is also fearless and I found her on top of the arm of the couch a few days ago. She also barely talks but is incredible in the way she can get you to do what she wants without saying a word. She does have a few words. One of her first was Boy’d for Bird and she now proudly days Ma ma. Dah Dee finally appeared on the vocab list much to Daddy Abs’s dismay.

She started at playschool in June and just absolutely LOVES it. She was so ready to be a big girl.


They kids are starting to play really well together. Kieks absolutely adores her brother and follows him around lots. Daniel makes use of Kieks when he needs her. Shame I should give him credit though. He is very good at entertaining her and also soothing her when she’s sad.



As mentioned above I don’t have my lot together and have had a few really flat patches this year. I’ve really battled to get to grips with this full time mom, full time business owner thing. I known I am really privileged to be able to watch Daniel’s sport and pick the kids up after school but this all takes me from a job where I am accounts, pa, debtors, boss and many other titles. Time is my worst enemy because I find myself left with very broken hours to do my job. I could work after everyone is asleep and I have pulled some serious hours but I’m unfortunately one of those people that doesn’t function well on little sleep so it’s not a long term solutions. So yah this dance I’m still getting used.

As a result I have not done to well on the work life balance thing. The intention is there but instead I do a lot of spinning on the spot it feels. And the result is I inadequately achieve nothing and feel I fail in several departments. I keep on trucking tho..

I’ve also been really battling with my weight and in fact over the last year managed to gain weight whilst perpetually dieting. This doesn’t bode well for my running nor my back. I have finally started running and its week one, so I figure at least i’m trying.

In June whilst having my neck krieked back in by my Chiro I mentioned how ‘Off my game’ I felt and he suggested I get my thyroid checked. Looooong story short I saw my sister again and embarked on a 10 day detox called the clear change program. It wasn’t as hard as I expected and I felt great. Problem is the work caught up with me and I was back to sporadic eating, too much red wine and way too little sleep.

So there you have it in not so small a nutshell!

It’s not all bad. I have been so incredibly blessed this year. My business is flying and my kids are amazing. My life is full and busy and we’re all in all healthy. It’s just BUSY!!!

So now that the sabbatical is over I hope I can write my thoughts down more regularly as I have really missed this outlet to regurgitate my thought on all you poor souls!

So I’ll be back soon.

Lol xx